Save on 2024 taxes! Get a personalized tax plan that guarantees at least 3x your investment in tax savings, or receive a 110% refund. Act now!

Are high taxes eroding your investment gains and business income?

Our proven tax-advantaged wealth management strategies secure powerful tax-saving opportunities.

We assist business owners and high-income earners nationwide who pay substantial quarterly estimated taxes (5 figures+) in reducing their tax burden through effective but lesser known strategies. Utilizing Exemptions, Deductions, or Deferrals, we aim to optimize your tax situation and minimize your contribution to government profit share.


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Tax planning is like having a personal trainer coaching you on what you can do to actively lower your tax bill by exercising a deduction, exemption, or deferral among other methods. Whereas a traditional tax preparer is like a gym key.

Maybe, you’re already maxing out your retirement plan, paying your kids, or buying more equipment, which you should be doing right now.



  • A limited partnership in assets.
  • Investments with tax credits.
  • Philanthropic outlets with built in arbitrage to offset income.
  • Income shifting from your business through insurance products.

These are only a taste of the strategies available Of which we only hit a handful today

Save on 2024 taxes! Get a personalized tax plan that guarantees at least 3x your investment in tax savings, or receive a 110% refund.


Strategic Tax Solutions

Jake is not just a financial planner; he’s a coach of coaches. With a passion for empowering others, he guides Certified Public Accounting Firm owners across the country in implementing advanced Tax Advantaged Wealth Management Strategies, enabling them to help their clients achieve financial success.

Jake has advanced practical experience with an extensive business management and accounting background. With an MBA and a Master’s degree of Accounting, Jake understands how impactful mitigating taxes now and in the future can have on a client’s overall net worth and current asset accumulation.

Jake’s unparalleled expertise spans a wide range of financial sectors, including Tax, Accounting, Insurance, and Business Management. His breadth of knowledge and practical experience make him a rare gem in the financial landscape.

Sarah Johnson, CEO. Atlanta, GA.

I used to dread tax season, always feeling like I was paying too much. But after working with Strategic Tax Solutions, everything changed. Their personalized approach and lesser-known strategies helped me save significantly on my quarterly estimated taxes. Now, I can focus on growing my business with confidence. Thank you, Strategic Tax Solutions!”

James Rodriguez, Founder. Miami, FL

“As a high-income earner, I was skeptical about finding effective tax strategies. Strategic Tax Solutions not only opened my eyes to the possibilities but also implemented tried and true methods that significantly reduced my tax burden. Their team’s expertise and dedication are unparalleled. I highly recommend their services.”


Emily Chen, CFO. San Francisco, CA

“Understanding the difference between tax planning and filing was a game-changer for our company. Strategic Tax Solutions became our tax fitness coach, guiding us through various strategies like limited partnerships, investments with tax credits, and philanthropic outlets. Their straightforward approach has made a remarkable impact on our bottom line. Grateful for their invaluable assistance!”


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