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Would you like to create assets and increase your net-worth rather than overpay in taxes? If you’re serious about putting your money to work for you rather than over-contributing in taxes, let’s talk about what a Strategic Tax Plan can do for you!

Coached over 300+ CPA Firm Owners on high level Tax Advantaged Wealth Management Strategies.

Helped clients save an accumulated $23 Million in taxes.

Consulted clients on over $110,000,000 in asset management.

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~ Highlighted Strategies we have perfected over time ~

Strategic Tax Solutions

~Deferred Sales Trust~

Tax Deferral Strategy

Sale that highly appreciated asset today without taking constructive receipt of the proceeds and defer those capital gains to some future date that proves more convenient to you and your tax situation.

Utilize a Deferred Sales Trust as a business trust for reinvestment purposes so that you can sell property, crypto, stock, businesses, and other highly appreciate assets when the price is high and the time is right to sell, even if the time isn’t right to incur the taxes on those assets.

Defer those taxes to some future date so that you can reinvest the gross proceeds net of attorney fees rather than net of taxes from the various taxing entities. Give us a call to find out more!


Are you worried about facing taxes on the largest transaction of your life?

Are you looking to postpone and legally defer the payment of capital gains tax on the sale of your home, your investments, or your business?

Are you trying to find ways to protect and preserve your wealth and legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Are you seeking to mitigate the looming death tax that could possibly be the biggest proverbial mouse trap the IRS has coming to us?

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