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Jake is a coach of coaches. He is a financial planner, but he is also much more. He has instructed CPA Firm owners from across the country on how to help their clients implement higher-level Tax Advantaged Wealth Management Strategies.

Jake is passionate about advising successful business owners how to identify and implement strategies that some have felt were only reserved for the ELITE. He has an uncanny ability to internalize advanced financial concepts and quickly recognize when they should be utilized in a practical setting. Unlike his fellow CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Jake has advanced practical experience with an extensive business management and accounting background.  With an MBA and a Master’s degree of Accounting, Jake understands how impactful mitigating taxes now and in the future can have on a client’s overall net worth and current asset accumulation.

Over the years, Jake has acquired an arsenal of strategies that can be deployed from a fiduciary perspective to improve your and your client’s financial standing. Jake is unparalleled in his extensive knowledge and real world experience in a myriad of financial sectors such as Tax, Accounting, Insurance, and Business Management, which makes it hard to find his equal on all these levels. 

Jake was successful in serving four years as a County Commissioner with the goal of making significant changes for his community which were achieved. Jake is a Military Veteran and served our great nation in Iraq during OEF/OIF during 2007-08.  



~ Highlighted Strategies we have perfected over time ~

Strategic Tax Solutions

~Deferred Sales Trust~

Tax Deferral Strategy


Sale that highly appreciated asset today without taking constructive receipt of the proceeds and defer those capital gains to some future date that proves more convenient to you and your tax situation. 

Utilize a Deferred Sales Trust as a business trust for reinvestment purposes so that you can sell property, crypto, stock, businesses, and other highly appreciate assets when the price is high and the time is right to sell, even if the time isn’t right to incur the taxes on those assets.

Defer those taxes to some future date so that you can reinvest the gross proceeds net of attorney fees rather than net of taxes from the various taxing entities. Give us a call to find out more!

~831(b) Captive or Micro-Captive~

Tax Deduction & Deferral Strategy


Much like the 401(k) tax code allows an employer to set aside tax-deferred dollars for retirement, the 831(b) tax code allows a business to set aside tax-deferred dollars for underinsured and/or uninsured risks. The similarities are clear and business owners should consider the risk mitigation advantages.

We havemade it possible for any successful business to take advantage of the same tools previously reserved for Fortune 500 Companies. We have solutions to help you mitigate risk through tax-deducted and tax-deferred dollars. Find out more by giving us a call today!

~Restricted Property Trust~

Tax Deduction/Deferral/Exemption Strategy


C Corporations, S Corporations, LLC’s, and most Partnerships may setup a Restricted Property Trust. Sole Proprietors cannot.

A Restricted Property Trust provides a 100% corporate tax deduction and only partial current income inclusion.

Participants must be able to commit to funding a minimum contribution of $50,000 per year for at least 5-years.

Unlike qualified plans, a Restricted Property Trust may be used exlusively to benefit owners. It is fully discriminatory.

~Charitable Mineral Strategy~

Tax Deduction Strategy


A taxpayer can generate a tax deduction against ordinary income equal to 4 times the cash outlay.

This transaction is based on longstanding rules related to charitable giving and long-term holding rules.  It is not a “listed transaction” under current IRS pronouncements.

This level of benefit is available as the cash outlay goes to purchase magnesium from a major supplier in business for over 50 years, under exclusive, discounted terms and the product being donated to a charity at full appraised value.

Due to the exclusive, discounted terms that the taxpayer will receive by participating in the bulk acquisition of the minerals, the taxpayer is able to obtain a leveraged deduction that substantially mitigates his current year tax burden while providing a substantial benefit to a qualified, third-party charity.



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