A lot of questions flood our minds when we are searching for a tax preparer. For example, questions such as ‘ How much does a tax preparer make?  How do we identify the best tax preparer? These are some crucial questions that might start to bother you. 

One should do a lot of research if they want to find a tax professional that is upto the mark. There are a countless number of tax preparers that act as if they are professional. But, in reality, they are not good. You should identify the wrong tax preparers by seeing specific signs. If not, you might end up using their services and end up becoming a victim. 

Here are some signs that should set off a red flag. When you notice them, you should continue your search for a professional tax preparer:

Does Not Have a PTIN

Any person that is preparing tax returns for compensation needs to submit their PTIN number along. Now, this is a requirement of the IRS. Tax preparers should have a PTIN. 

Any person preparing tax returns does not have a PTIN. You should avoid using their services. IRS has a directory of Federal Tax Return preparers. If you are not sure where to look out for a tax preparer, you might want to use this option. 

The Promise of High Refund

A lot of tax preparers are unscrupulous. They use devious methods to make money from the clients. Some tax preparers promise high refunds to potential customers. Now, if a tax preparer does this to you without checking your financial documents and past tax returns, it only means they are trying to attract you by making vague promises. 

Using wrong deductions to get more refunds is a punishable offense. Consequences can be pretty serious. For example, you might get a ban from using tax credits in future years. Hence, use a tax preparer that understands your situationand provides you with the right direction. 

Sign the Blank Documents

Never forget that you are legally responsible for any information that is on the tax returns. Hence, never sign any blank document. Always check the content of the record before placing your signature. If a tax preparer asks you to do this, it should alert you. Avoid doing it or using the tax preparer that is requesting you to submit this information. 

Direct Deposit to a Different Account 

It is not a good sign if a preparer suggests using different account information for getting the refund. 

No matter what the tax preparer promises, you should not welcome this kind of request. It is one of the quickest ways to lose your refund. How much does a tax preparer make? The answer to this question varies if they practice unethical ways.

No E-Filing Option

Finally, for your information tax preparers that have submitted tax returns for more than ten people will have the option to offer tax returns online. If a preparer does not have this option, it means they are not that experienced.

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